Polgrain sp. z o.o.

Benedykta 1,  
03-606 Warszawa

e-mail: polgrain@polgrain.com

Phone number :  +48 22 678 95 19
Fax: +48 22 678 87 03

We buy organic and conventional grains from farmers throughout Poland and we export them to western countries.
We cooperate with the largest organic farms in our country. We collect grains on the dates convenient for farmers, we also have the possibility of cleaning the grain.
  • conventional and organic buckwheat, and products from buckwheat, grits, buckwheat groats, millet and millet groats
  • organic grains: buckwheat, wheat, millet, rye, plain and naked oats, black oats, spelt
  • buckwheat groats, millet groats, green spelt grain.