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Dried apple pomace

Apple pomace is a product obtained from the pressing of fresh apples in the production plants producing juices and fruit concentrates. Wet apple pomace, in a short period of time after pressing, is transported to a dryer and is dried under suitable conditions to a moisture level of 11-12%. The product prepared in this way is sold to manufacturers of animal feed in the country and abroad.  Dried apple pomace as a feed product are subject to the control of Polish veterinary services and must therefore comply with the conditions of production and quality of the EU.
We buy apple pomace directly from the dryer, load them on the specialised and certified transport and deliver directly to the addresses indicated by the buying companies.
We also buy and sell dried pomace from fruit such as: blackcurrant, chokeberry, strawberry, blueberry, elderberry and bilberry.

Buckwheat husk

is a by-product obtained during the manufacture of buckwheat groats or hulled buckwheat.
Husk for a long time has been used by many countries as a filler for pillows, mattresses, headrests, rollers and other things used as rehabilitation equipment in the treatment of spine diseases or to prevent bed sores created as a result of lying down for a long time.
The basic properties of husks are:
antiallergic - husk contains a lot of tannins that inhibit the growth of microorganisms.
antistress - buckwheat husk neutralizes harmful electromagnetic radiation as well as water veins and watercourses radiation.
Mattresses and pillows filled with buckwheat husk prevent sweating - husk does not heat up from the natural body heat.
Buckwheat husk in the ground or unground form is used as a component of feed for animals, mainly horses.  
Properly crushed buckwheat husk is added to yogurts, sauces and other food products.

Cherry stone

Stone obtained after stoning cherries is slightly dried and sold further as heating material.
Significant customers of cherry stones are also specialists who know how to clean and dry this stone, so that it can be used for several years as a material e.g. for rehabilitation bags.
The main advantage of dried cherry stones is their ability to hold high or low temperatures for a long time.  Therefore, the stones are used to fill pillows, bags, hot-water bottles and toys for children

Cocoa husk

Cocoa husk is a by-product of chocolate production. Properly prepared cocoa husks is more and more used in various areas of life.
Uncleaned husk, obtained directly from production, is used in gardening. Due to the high content of magnesium it is a valuable soil improver and fertilizer. Thanks to fibre content, it stabilizes the moisture in the soil.
Cleaned, often granulated and properly prepared cocoa husk is in Europe and, increasingly, in Poland, used as a component for the production of animal feed.
Due to the high fibre and valuable mineral content, husk is used in the food industry. It is added to sauces, yoghurts and desserts.
Briquettes made from the cocoa husks can be great, scented fuel for fireplaces.